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How download a flash game to your PC?

Do you like to play flash games, but you don't have internet connection for playing on it? Don't worry about it because you can download a flash game on your PC. It very simple with you just need a browser, lovely game and few minutes for it.

If you don't want to read this article - you can watch the video below:

But somebody doesn't have an opportunity to watch the video, so you can follow this instruction.

  • First of all, open your browser and proceed to site
  • Choose your favorite games and click on the picture.
  • You on the flash game: play in this game and it do you like this you can download it. Just click "download" button above on the game and chose the folder in your PC for save this game (don't forget the path to the game). Do this step with all games that do you like.
  • Switch off Internet connection. Open new Tab on Window in your browser and go to File -> Open. In the window go to the folder where you downloaded games before. Chose a game that you decided to play on click "Choose". If nothing happened - just refresh tab (Ctrl + R or F5) and enjoy the game.
  • If you like some game - you can share this with your friend. Just click yo share icons (facebook, twitter, google +) and share it.

    I hope this instruction was helpful for you.